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Defensive Driving Courses

If you need to learn to control and operate a vehicle safely in order to sit your restricted class 1 practical licence test or full class 1 practical licence test, we can provide a progressive plan to help you reach your goal.

Undertaking a simulated test before you sit your restricted or full licence will help you remember all the aspects you will be marked upon and familiarise you with the types of situations you will encounter.


Using our online platform, students can sit unit standards (theory) using the study guides and resources and assessments. These are on the NQF and count towards NCEA.


 Why undertake a defensive driver course ?

* fast-track your full licence from 18 to 12 months
  * increase the chances of passing your driving test
  * become a safer driver
  * learn important defensive driving skills, such as assessing and identifying hazards, so you can reduce the risk of being in a crash