Defensive Driving

Sorry. I no longer offer defensive driving courses on behalf of the AA.

However if you do want to participate in a defensive driving course encourage a small group (friends, business) I am happy to arrange one on demand at a time to suit.

COST: courses through the regular channels normally cost from $239 but I’m happy to look at discounts depending on the number of individuals in the class. A certificate will be issued upon completion that will still enable you to reduce your time on the restricted license by six months.

Why do a Defensive Driver Course ?

  * fast-track your full licence from 18 to 12 months
  * increase the chances of passing your driving test
  * become a safer driver
  * learn important defensive driving skills, such as assessing and identifying hazards, so you can reduce the risk of being in a crash  

The course takes 9 hours to complete and includes:

  •  4 x 2 hour classroom sessions
  • AA Defensive Driving workbook
  •  1 in-car session
  •  access to the online driver training system  

Graeme Hood – p: 0204 320 320 – e: