DriverONE – Driving Instructor Software

DriverONE is a web based software solution run on any web accessible device that allows you, the driving instructor, to provide feedback to the student in an easy manner with the ability to choose from a number of feedback types.

Lessons are tracked and stored digitally and are able to be retrieved at any time to resend emails or to track student progress. Templates are provided for lessons, simulated tests (restricted and full) and additional modules are available for senior driver and for invoicing.

Feedback can be recored at any appropriate time during the lesson and a summary provided at the end to discuss progress with the student and for emailing. A copy can be sent to you and the parents as well to keep an additional track of records.

A student self evaluation page is provided so students can rate themselves on the drive and identify areas where they are going well or need work. As an instructor you can also “rate”the drive to compare with the student. This feedback allows for some excellent conversation with the students during the recap of the lesson.

Reminder emails for upcoming lessons can be sent as well as emails advising of upcoming events, advanced driving or defensive driving courses.

A free month trial can be provided so you can evaluate for your own use or if you wish to subscribe, can request changes to layout, formatting of content to be made before you start using. These initial changes are free and are covered under the subscription charges.

Support is available via email, phone or screen sharing on Zoom at times to suit. We will guide you through the use of the app if you are unable to navigate after looking at the videos or we can discuss how you would like the software modified to suit your needs better.

As well as a summary of the skills taught or discussed during the lesson, you will be able to say how proficient the student is in each area. Areas are identified for the students to practice and areas where the student has performed well also outlined.

Links to the road code are able to be included to support your feedback as well as information on actual errors that would be made if the lesson was an actual test.

Have the software customised to suit your specific needs – for example look at the simulated test route feedback in the trial version (this is the only part of the trail software that will not be configured to suit your local driving environment but can be if you so choose).

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DriverONE – How to use

Initial set up and entering details about your business

This setup is needed so the software knows some of the information to format emails.

It also allows you to customise information in the emails that go out to the students.

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Student – first lesson

This is how to enter data in the main lesson area – the are the ones that you will use for most students.

Also the information where the student self evaluates their own drive.

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Repeat lesson details

Entering data for a second lesson and viewing info that you and the student put into the first.

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Simulated tests

This is the main area for acquiring information on simulated tests, recording data and emails that are sent to the student.

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Other lesson formats

This explains the second simulated test format as well as other ways of giving info to the student – there are 3 of these covered in this video.

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DDC and Invoicing

The DDC and invoicing formats can be custom made to suit you. Email invoicing is contained within the email message but seems to suffice with customers still paying on this format !

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